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Super Visa Insurance

Citizenship and Immigration authority of Canada has declared that Parents and grandparents will be eligible to apply for “super visa”. Canadian government introduced the “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa,” a new type of temporary resident visa which will be valid for up to ten years.

The Super Visa allows ‘visitors’ to reside in Canada for up to two years, wit

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Life Insurance

We Provide all kind of life insurance and investments Services You name it and we can provide it. With an experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.
Here are our Services
Life insurance
Everyone’s circumstances and requirements differ so it may be more prudent to take a more scientific approach while choosi

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Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum on initial diagnosis of a serious medical problem.You are permitted to keep the money even if you make a full recovery. It can be incorporated into another life insurance policy on a level term or whole of life basis, or as a stand alone policy. Once you have made a critical illness claim it is unlikely that you will be able to get

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Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Featured insurance products and services that are specialized or difficult to categorize.