Expecting Family Or Friends From Outside Of The Country?

This plan protects your loved ones against unexpected illness that could lead to personal financial ruin. Worse still, they may be denied medical treatment if they can’t afford the necessary services. Visitors from other countries will not be covered under a Canadian Government Health Insurance Plan for 3 months.

Am I Eligible To Buy This Plan?

You may purchase the Visitors to Canada plan if you are age 85 years of age or less (69 years of age or less for $300,000 coverage) at time of application and be;

  • A Visitor to Canada; or
  • The holder of a Canadian work visa or student visa; or
  • An immigrant to Canada; or
  • A Canadian not covered by a government health insurance plan

What Will I Be Covered For?

The policy covers unforeseeable and emergent sickness or injury while in Canada – or during a temporary visit to another country, excluding  your country of origin.

  • Any pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered under this policy.
  • Coverage from $25,000 up to $150,000 CAD is available

What If My Family Member is Applying for a Super Visa?

Parents or Grandparents who are visiting Canada for an extended period may be applying for a Super Visa and the Government of Canada requires proof of valid Canadian medical coverage for at least one year to be provided with the application. The Visitors to Canada policy may be purchased with coverage up to a maximum of 365 days for this purpose.

For more details, requirements and eligibility for the Super Visa, go to Visit Canada-Government of Canada.